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All chapters in IGCSE chemistry are quite interesting; however, students often complain about the vast syllabus covering scores of topics and chemical equations! Here, we have all made it simple by highlighting all the major concepts and feeding you with small tit bits of examiner’s tips and other helpful information.

In Chemistry, there are some chapters that you may find new and challenging to overcome, such as Organic and Inorganic chemistry. Over here as well, we have shortened and simplified all the industrial processes, and all about hydrocarbons.

Perhaps, the most complicated yet scoring part of IGCSE chemistry is stoichiometry and quantitative chemistry. here, it is extremely important to learn the chemical equations and practice tons of questions related to calculations.

We hope that our notes help you score an A* in your IGCSE examinations.

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IGCSE Chemistry consists of the following chapters:

  1. Nature of matter
  2. Elements and Compounds
  3. Acids and Bases
  4. Preparing Salts
  5. Reactivity series
  6. Carbonates
  7. Sulphur
  8. The manufacture of ammonia and the Haber process
  9. Extraction of metals
  10. Organic chemistry
  11. Alkanes
  12. Alkenes
  13. Alcohols
  14. Polymers and polymerisation

Examiner’s tips

Examiner’s Tips IGCSE Chemistry

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Most IGCSE students find difficulty in understanding the topic through notes. To help you out to understand these completely, we have installed a couple of simulations from Phet Colorado. Here is a simulation to practice your balancing equation skills! Check them out now!